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Chantek Signing

The mission of the Chantek Foundation is to support cultural research with Chantek, to understand the nature of orangutan communicative ability and intelligence, to foster the development of orangutan and other great ape persons in a Primate Cultural Center, to promote orangutan conservation through awareness of Chantek’s abilities, and to develop creative education about building a bridge between our species.

Specific goals of the Chantek Foundation

Communication - To create a communication bridge to the orangutan mind by supporting language and enculturation research with Chantek, and other enculturated ape beings in his cultural community

Cognition - To understand orangutan mental abilities and the evolution of a symbolic capacity in human and nonhuman primates

Culture - To build a Primate Cultural Center, where enculturated apes like Chantek will live in culture-bearing and symbol using communities

Conservation - Aid in the conservation of orangutans in natural settings

Creativity – Find new and exciting ways to educate about Chantek and other thinking apes through art, living history, computers, internet and developing technology. One good example is slots games that are very popular today and are played by many people in online casinos. The developers made animal-themed slot games that will target those people and give attention to our mission. You can try these games for free with the no deposit bonus that you can get from

Chantek Foundation Officers:

President H. Lyn Miles, Ph.D. Vice-president Warren Roberts Secretary Kathryn Piscitello Public Relations S. Jill Hindman Art Director Linda Sullivan Scientific Advisor: Dr. Anne Russon, author of Orangutans, Wizards of the Rain Forest